Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Long Awaited Promised Update!! *NEW PHOTOS*

Here are some long awaited photos! :D These photos are all pretty recent and I have dated them accordingly. Notice how I am learning to use MUCH LESS eyeliner and make up though on a day to day basis I am extremely comfortable being in public without make up as I have come a long way from my pre-MVP days when I needed revision. I am just thankful that I no longer have wonky eyelids and so grateful for the nose and new set of eyes both Dr. Seo and Ellen have given me. I hope this inspires many of you to be brave enough AND more importantly, do lots of research IN KOREA so you pick the right doctor like I had.

Read about how I selected my doctor read "DECISIONS"

Read my reviews on all 9 consults I went to (7 of my own + 2 for a friend)

9th DEC 2015

22nd DEC 2015

Today 20APR 2016 - first two completely no make up

Today 20APR 2016 - description as written in photo.

I hope this helps :) Good luck to everyone going to Korea!

Friday, 10 July 2015



Thanks for visiting my blog about my experiences getting double eyelid surgery (DES) and rhinoplasty done in Korea. I made this blog because many girls in my support Kakao group had bad experiences getting their surgery done in Seoul. I somehow had a good experience may it be because I am lucky or blessed or the fact that I did lots of research prior to going to Korea. I want to share the knowledge I've learnt and hope to help others avoid what the many other girls unfortunately went through! Please contact me if you can think of other things I can add to my blog to help!

Below you will find my before and after photos. Note that Day 0 is the day of surgery. All my photos from Day 0 to Day 14 are all without make up. Do check out the pages posted to find out more details I have included on my blog!

Wishing you all the best on your trip!! ^_^v