Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Long Awaited Promised Update!! *NEW PHOTOS*

Here are some long awaited photos! :D These photos are all pretty recent and I have dated them accordingly. Notice how I am learning to use MUCH LESS eyeliner and make up though on a day to day basis I am extremely comfortable being in public without make up as I have come a long way from my pre-MVP days when I needed revision. I am just thankful that I no longer have wonky eyelids and so grateful for the nose and new set of eyes both Dr. Seo and Ellen have given me. I hope this inspires many of you to be brave enough AND more importantly, do lots of research IN KOREA so you pick the right doctor like I had.

Read about how I selected my doctor read "DECISIONS"

Read my reviews on all 9 consults I went to (7 of my own + 2 for a friend)

9th DEC 2015

22nd DEC 2015

Today 20APR 2016 - first two completely no make up

Today 20APR 2016 - description as written in photo.

I hope this helps :) Good luck to everyone going to Korea!


  1. Rebecca,

    Would you recommend MVP for facial contouring? I'm looking for the very best clinic and I am torned between D.A and MVP

  2. Hi Jun,
    I can't recommend MVP for facial contouring as I have not had it myself however I did see the manager's niece get facial contouring there and she was all bandaged up and well looked after. I did not get to see her when her bandages came off though!

    I always suggest the same to everyone, do your research and then do the consult!! Go with the doctor you feel you trust the most! For me it was Dr. Seo because he was most patient with my endless questions and he explained why I could not have an extra 1 or 2 mm cut or I would look like an alien then he proceeded to show me the effects in a mirror; that made me really glad I didn't go with what I "thought" I wanted! This also contrast from many other doctors who said I needed this and that and other things that I had no issues with in the first place ^_^ Hope this helps!

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