Tuesday, 7 July 2015



  1. Hello! I'm so happy I found your blog as I'm planning my Korea trip for PS! Never heard of MVP clinic before and now it's on my list! Thank you also for advising not to use DocFinder, I was just about to contact them. Can you tell me the whole name of the surgeon that did your nose, pls? I'm going to bookmark your page for reference.. Thank you!

  2. The surgeon is Dr. Seo from MVP, he's done a great job not only for me but for my sister and at least 4 other girls I've seen pictures of from kakao. What I would suggest is for you to do your own research, meet the doctors, and never leave a deposit until you know for sure which surgeon you've chosen to operate on you. Many people use DocFinder only to find themselves given one option at an absorbent price and feel they have to go through with the procedure because they've left a deposit and don't want to lose it. If my friend had sacrificed her deposit and bought a new flight back to extend her stay, she would STILL have still saved money compared to the 8kusd she paid at Banobagi for PRIMARY des surgery >.< becareful of DocFinder!!! Did I mention she's going back for revision? :( And this is THE reason I started this blog!!! It hurts me to know young girls are being cheated when the truth is, plastic surgery in Korea is VERY accessible and if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT :)